In the great province of British Columbia is the great city of Richmond. Named after one of the families that helped forge the history of Canada, Richmond has everything a person could want in terms of entertainment and business. A lot of people came here for the historic sites and as young professionals and have stayed here and helped build the community that it has become today.

In a way, everyone is from here and nobody is from here. People came from all over to form the city in the beginning, and people continue to come from all around to help continue to build the community. So in a sense, this is a place where people go who are searching for a new home and where people stay because the place that they have found is so great to live in.

For years we have been working to improve the community

We have been offering family dentist services to the people of the city of Richmond for years and like many other people that call this place home, we started off elsewhere. We have simply found out that this community is unlike any other community in the world and that when it comes to people treating others with respect and helping each other out, there is no place like this anywhere else on earth.

So come see the difference and see how community and business are so intertwined in the city of Richmond, BC. One visit and you will see why its population has exploded in the past few years and why it is the place that many young professionals and community oriented people have begun to call home. We welcome you to our community and know that you will appreciate the level of community and togetherness that it has to offer.