We at Smart Dental understand the mouth-body connection and always keep this in mind while treating our patients. Historically, dentistry has used many toxic substances: Formaldehyde and Lead in root canal cements, Mercury in black metal fillings, Bisphenol A in white fillings, Formocresol in tooth dressings, Gluteraldehide in dental adhesives, Berillium in dentures and Nickel and Lead in metal based crowns are just some examples.

Today, as we enter the second decade of the 21st century, things have changed. New, safer materials are available to restore teeth that are healthier for your body. Strong, durable and metal-free dentures are now commonplace. Root canals are safer thanks to Laser and Ozone disinfection and bio-compatible (bio-ceramic) root canal cements.   Stronger porcelains now allow Dr. Samuel to eliminate metal from crowns and restore teeth with natural looking porcelain restorations.  Dr. Samuel uses Bisphenol, a free resin composite materials result in worry free fillings. Dr. Samuel, is careful to use those materials that have been proven safe and are not toxic to the human body.

About Holistic Dentistry

Holistic Dentistry is a mindset and a philosophy of treatment as well as the use of techniques and materials that do not harm the body. Unfortunately, there is no Holistic Dental Specialty. Individual dentists use techniques and materials that are varied and unregulated. Some dentists use alternative materials and techniques, but that have not been tested by science, tested by time, or approved by the FDA. Such an approach can do more harm than good; not to mention, waste thousands of dollars of the patients’ hard earned money. We understand that this can be a worry when you are seeking a truly holistic dentistry approach.

You can protect yourself by having medical or dental treatment done that has been supported by research, scientifically based and FDA approved. Dr.Samuel has always practiced with a holistic mindset. After all, the mouth is a complex organ that is part of your body and is considered by many Eastern cultures to be the gateway to your health. Holistic Dentistry is the paradigm of Dr. Samuel dental philosophy and treatment.