Implants — If you tend to hide your smile because of missing teeth, dental implants can help. Teeth lost due to injury, disease, or infection can make speaking and eating difficult. You may feel self-conscious and uncomfortable with your appearance. Dental implants are the most durable way of replacing missing teeth. An implant, essentially an artificial tooth root to which a new crown can be attached, can successfully replace a single tooth or all of your natural teeth.

Whether an injury, periodontal disease, or another cause has left you with missing teeth, we can help! The dental implant procedure involves three phases. During the first phase, we place the implant, usually made of titanium, into your jawbone. It then requires a period of healing, known as osseointegration, that lasts for several months. Finally, we attach a new crown to the implant, giving you a strong, natural-looking new tooth with holistic dentistry.

Tooth Whitening — Having a white smile often means having more confidence and feeling better about yourself. Tooth whitening is one of the most popular and simplest procedures available in dentistry today. You can have your teeth whitened in our office in under an hour. Using a whitening gel and a special light, in-office tooth whitening is the quickest, most effective way to achieve a brighter smile. Whether you are looking for a change that is subtle or dramatic, we can help you achieve a whiter, more beautiful dentist Airdrie smile.

All Porcelain Crowns — When teeth are damaged or decayed, they can cause pain and negatively affect appearance. Using all porcelain crowns, the evidence of having your teeth restored is virtually undetectable. Your smile will be stronger and healthier while still looking natural and beautiful. Porcelain crowns from Richmond fit over your natural teeth like jackets. They can make teeth stronger and less susceptible to damage. At the same time, porcelain crowns can be used to improve the appearance of the teeth by reshaping them, changing their alignment, and making them whiter.

Porcelain Veneers — Changing the appearance of your smile is easier than ever with porcelain veneers. Veneers are thin layers of tooth-colored material that can be bonded to your teeth to change their shape, size, alignment, or color. Porcelain veneers can repair chips and cracks, hide discoloration, and straighten crooked teeth. If your smile is in need of a new look, porcelain veneers may be the answer. They look completely natural and very little tooth structure needs to be removed in order for them to be placed.

Metal-Free White Fillings — Teeth that are suffering from decay and need filling can now be treated with metal-free white fillings. In the past, teeth were usually filled with silver amalgam or other metals. White fillings eliminate the risks that may be associated with older mercury-containing amalgam fillings while offering a cosmetic benefit as well. Because they can be matched to your natural tooth color, white fillings offer renewed health and strength without telltale signs of treatment. Recent advances have made white fillings stronger, longer-lasting and better Dentist Langley than ever.

Instant Orthodontics — If you have always wanted straighter teeth but don’t want to have to endure braces, instant orthodontics are a quick and effective alternative. While braces are often associated with discomfort, teenagers, and years of treatment, instant orthodontics can give adults straight smiles in just a few short Richmond, BC appointments! Instant orthodontics is a procedure in which we use porcelain veneers to alter the alignment and shape of your teeth. A smile that was once marred by crooked teeth can appear flawless when veneers are used as instant Dentist Richmond BC and orthodontics. Even significantly crooked teeth can be corrected. Porcelain veneers are easy to customize, so your correction will look natural and attractive. Sound appealing?